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Road Traffic Paints solvent base

  • Regualr dry solvent based traffic line marking striping paint roads streets parking lots
    TTP 115 Type I
    Regular dry, alkyd resin, solvent based, pavement line marking paint.
  • Alkyd Regular dry durable bright low price traffic line lane marking striping traffic paint
    Low cost, regular dry, solvent based Alkyd traffic line marking paint.
  • High build durable cold applied spray liquid thermoplastic traffic line marking paint
    High solids, extremely durable, liquid thermoplastic traffic paint.

USSC manufactures several formulations, grades, types, specifications of solvent based sb traffic road line marking paints. The biggest advantage of solvent based traffic paint over water based paints is that it can be applied in colder temperatures. Solvent based paints do not freeze easy and can be applied when humidity is high and ambient temperature is low. Their performance is as good as many good water-based paints but solvent based traffic paints cannot be applied over freshly applied seal coating or the paint will discolor. Some alkyd based traffic paints take longer time to dry due oxidation ( curing ) of the alkyd resin.

ALKYD STRIPE - Solvent based alkyd resin traffic line marking paint. Based on a well established alkyd resin technology. Forms a very durable finish and is economically priced. Use on parking lots, parking garage, shopping centers, high schools, city county roads where drying rate is not important.

TTP-115 Type I - Based on alkyd resin binder. Regular dry, good performance that meets Federal Specification TTP-115 Type 1 for solvent based traffic line marking paints. Use on city county streets, roads, parking lots, apartment complex, shopping malls where drying time is not critical but low price, low temperature dry and durability is more important.

TTP-115 Type II - Pavement line striping paint. Fast Dry, excellent performance that meets the Federal Specification TTP-115 Type II for top performing solvent based traffic line marking paints. Forms a very durable, weather resistant, reflective coating.

CORES ACETONE BASED FAST DRY - Extremely Durable, tough, high performance, one component, fast dry even in cold temperatures, acrylic traffic paint. Low in VOC, has excellent adhesion to various substrates, good abrasion resistant, good reflective glass bead retention. Use to stripe, line, paint extremely durable tough traffic lines on streets, roads, parking lots, parking garage, highways, airport runways. Similar in performance to traditional chlorinated rubber traffic paints but faster dry times.

SUPREME - Uniquely formulated one component, fast dry, solvent based, extremely durable, tough paint, that performs far better than any one component traffic paint. Its performance is equal to or exceeds that of traditional chlorinated rubber traffic paints. Use as high performance line marking-striping paint for streets, roads, parking garages, streets and highways. Similar in performance to traditional chlorinated rubber traffic paints.

PLASTEC sb - Plastech sb is a unique, proprietary, high solids, solvent based liquid paint that can be cold spray applied using conventional spray equipment designed to handle solvent based paints. It is designed for good glass bead retention, high film build and excellent abrasion resistant. Use to paint cross walks, pedestrian crossing, stop bars, and street-road legends signage.

DURASTRIPE aerosol - Contains high percent solids, high resin content that contribute to excellent exterior durability, water resistant, weather and abrasion resistance. High pigment volume gives it one coat coverage. Paint/ Line / Stripe permanent parking lot lines, street / road / driveway lines, handicap signs, parking numbers, turn arrows, signs, legends, warehouse lines and identification signs.