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  • traffic marking paint
    USSC corporate headquarters,1000 McFarland, Alpharetta GA
  • field marking paint
  • shipping marking paints
    Administration, Accounting, Sales and Shipping offices.
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  • repairing asphalt coatings
    USSC campus is blessed with several beautiful green acres.
  • road street paint
    Several varieties of flower and fruit trees - Azaleas in bloom.
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  • manufacturer traffic paints
  • road paint manufacturer
  • concrete repair coatings
  • pot hole repair
  • manufacturer marking paints
  • heat reflective coatings
  • manufacturer janitorial cleaning products
  • environmentally friendly coatings paints
  • Testing of asphalt sealers, concrete coatings, traffic paints.
  • asphalt sealer
  • driveway sealer
  • Several open fields to test athletic field line marking paints.
  • roof coatings
  • protective metal primers
  • fence post paint manufacturer
    USSC shipping and receiving section at 1000 McFarland.
  • wood coatings manufacturer
  • asphalt street road repair coatings products
  • fence coatings
  • wood fence coatings
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  • paint production plant
  • coatings paint janitorial cleaning products production plant US
    Entrance to shipping and receiving at 1000 McFarland.
  • road traffic paint manufacturer
    USSC 900 McFarland Building, Alpharetta GA.
  • USSC - 900 McFarland Building.
  • direct to metal DTM paints coatings manufacturer
    Field paint testing ground bewteen 1000 & 900 Buildings.
  • paint production plant coatings manufacturer usa
    Third building, USSC main paint production facility.
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    USSC main production building.
  • paint production plant manufacturer
    USSC primers / paint / coatings Testing and R&D facility.
  • parking lot road street asphalt sealer pot hole repair products
  • usa paint coating manufacturer
  • best athletic field paint manufacturer usa
  • manufacturer of best bright durable field marking paints
  • 5 gallon bucket packaging of field marking paint.
  • industrial traffic paint coatings manufacturer
  • paint coating production facility usa
  • plant production manufacturer us georgia
  • paint manufacturing company crew
    Reason for our success - USSC team.

Established in 1991, with direct sales and distributors in all 50 states and overseas, US SPECIALTY COATINGS is headquartered in Alpharetta GA - USA. Founded on the strength of technical knowledge and expertise in the Chemical Industry and specifically in Paints, Coatings, Janitorial / Cleaning products.

USSC continues to thrive and grow and is proud of its accomplishments as a formulator and a manufacturer of its own cutting-edge formulations and products. USSC employs over 40 full time employees, several independent sales representatives, own a total of 100,000 square feet of manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and R&D laboratory, on 7 beautiful green acres.

Some of USSC brand names include DURA STRIPE aerosol line marking paints, AQUA STRIPE bulk athletic field marking paints, TECHLINE full range of traffic and highway line marking paints, STRIPE X removable paints, CONCRETE DeFENDER concrete coatings, DURAPAVE asphalt pot hole repair and sealersALL HORIZONS architectural paints, industrial coatings, stains, sealers, primers, green grass colorants, dyes. TECH PRO full range of direct to metal paints, high performance industrial coatings, specialty protective coatings, custom coatings. USFT floor waxes, floor finishes, floor cleaners, wax and paint Strippers, Janitorial Products. These are just a few examples of USSC products that have been tested, proven and appreciated by our loyal customers.

USSC's R&D chemists and production crews are trained, qualified and committed to formulate and manufacture THE VERY BEST PAINTS, COATINGS and JANITORIAL PRODUCTS.