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Airport Runway Paints solvent base

  • Regualr dry solvent based traffic line marking striping paint roads streets parking lots
    TTP 115 Type I
    Regular dry, alkyd resin, solvent based, pavement line marking paint.
  • Road highway streets airport parking lot runway line rubber base marking striping paint
    SUPREME sb
    Acrylic Alkyd, tough durable, highway airport runway parking line paint.
  • Fast dry solvent based alkyd road street highway airport runway line marking striping traffic paint yellow white
    TTP 115 Type II
    Fast dry, co polymer resin, solvent based, traffic line marking paint.

US Specialty Coatings manufactures a whole range of solvent based sb paints coatings for use on airports as runway line striping paints, taxiway marking paints, island / shoulder protective color coded paints. USSC airport runway paints are offered in several bright, durable, reflective colors. Formulated to exhibit good glass bead retention, good adhesion to asphalt and concrete substrates. Being solvent based they are flammable hence extra care, precaution and paperwork is needed during transportation, application and storage. We also offer FAA quality reflective glass beads, alphabet, numbers, signs, identification, custom stencils.