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Athletic Field Stencils

USSC can design and manufacture any type of athletic field stencil. From a simple hash mark or individual letter stencils to more complex midfield and end zone logos and mascots. We can consult, design, recommend, proof and cut any size, shape stencil. Need our expertise, please call us at 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Football Field Plastic Hash Mark Stencil : Made from 1/8 inch solid plastic hash mark stencil for painting hash marks on football fields.

Football Field Aluminum Hash Mark Stencil : Made from sturdy strong aluminum, yet easy to use and maneuver hashmark stencil for football fields.

Football Field Number Stencil Kit : 0,1,2,3,4,5,G, directional arrow, stencil kit made from 1/16 inch or 1/8 inch solid plastic. Available in 4 foot or 8 foot tall size options

Football Field Mid Field Logo Stencil : Mascots, inter locking alphabets letters / initials, or custom logo designs made from one piece 6 mils strong yet foldable plastic.

Football Field End zone Letter Stencil : Individual alphabet, letters, numbers, initials for high school, college, names for football field endzones

Football Field End zone Stencil : One piece custom cut stencil for painting complex logos, mascots, letters, names, conference names, sponsor names, school college names.

Soccer Field Corner Arc Stencil : Made from 1/8 inch solid plastic is a convenient tool to easily spray soccer corner arcs consistently an accurately.

Parking Lot Mascot Stencils : Made from 1/8 inch solid plastic USSC can custom cut any HS or college name, initials, image, drawing, sign or mascot stencil to paint on asphalt or concrete.