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Layout Paints aerosol

Traffic line striping crews use upside down marking paint to layout directional arrows, line positions and cross walk diagrams. US Specialty Coatings formulates and manufactures several types of upside down aerosol layout marking paints.

Aerosol CHALK - fitted with UMA utility marking aerosol spray tip. It’s not permanent. After 3 to 4 weeks exposed to the exterior elements, it fades away from the substrate completely. Several cities, counties and DOT’s do not want street graffiti, they require a product that dissipates, fades off.

ECO STRIPE water based permanent marking paint in aerosol cans. It is stronger than chalk and will stay on the substrate for over 3 months. When an eco-friendly marking paint and affordable price is required by traffic paint striping crews, this is a perfect choice. This product is more durable than chalk but less durable than DuraStripe.

DURA STRIPE  solvent based, durable, high performance aerosol marking paint. When extra durability and visibility is needed, this is the perfect choice. It is available in bright white and 80 vivid colors to choose from. This is best performing aerosol marking paint available. Each case contains twelve cans, 18 ounces by weight, 20 ounces by volume.

ALUMINUM MARKING PAINT - extremely reflective, bright, easily visible, aluminum pigment based, upside down aerosol marking paint. It is specifically designed as layout paint - guide paint for traffic paint striping machine operators and striping machine electronic eye that can pick up this bright reflective much easier than conventional marking paint.