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Concrete Repair Products

US Specialty Coatings formulates and manufactures a whole range of concrete repair products.

DeFender - one component, easy to apply, fast dry, safe, water based yet extremely resistant to water coating that is used to rejuvenate, beautify concrete and asphalt. It comes with aggregate for non skid properties or without aggregate for easy of airless spray application It is a proven product, with years of excellent performance is the field. It is available in several standard colors and custom colors if needed.

CLEAR SEALER - extremely tough, high solids, acrylic latex water based clear sealer designed for use over unpainted concrete. Dries to a very tough water resistant coating. Apply over unpainted, cleaned, pressure washed concrete surfaces for long term protection from water damage and exterior weather damage.

ROAD CURB PAINT / STAIN - offered in a water based or solvent based version. This coating / stain is specifically designed for the rejuvenation, repair, and protection of road / street curbs. Available as full bodied paint or deep penetrating sealer in Concrete Gray, Asphalt Black, Safety Yellow, Fire engine Red, and custom colors. Non skid formulation with aggregate.

ELASTOMERIC CRACK FILLER - specially formulated, premium quality, ready to use, high performance, flexible, non shrink, asphalt / concrete repair product. Designed to stay flexible, Waterproof, seal cracks up to 1 inch wide, fill in expansion joints with this high solids flexible filler and then topcoat with USSC's more tough and durable topcoats.