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  • High build durable cold applied spray liquid thermoplastic traffic line marking paint
  • Liquid cold applied thermoplastic glass beads.
    High build, cold applied liquid thermoplastic with glass beads.
  • Liquid thermoplastic cold spray applied glass beads stop bar.
    Apply liquid thermoplastic PLASTEC paint with glass beads.
  • Stop bar painted liquid cold applied thermoplastic traffic line marking paint.
    Stop bar painted with liquid cold applied Thermoplastic paint.
  • Two coats glass beads thermoplastic traffic line marking paint.
    Two coats with glass beads takes about an hour to dry.
  • First coat liquid thermoplastic solvent based liquid traffic line marking paint.
    Application of the first coat 30 mils thick wet thickness.
  • cold spray thermoplastic paint glass beads.
    Application of the second coat plus broadcasting glass beads.
  • High build cold applied liquid thermoplastic traffic paint.
    Second coat of high build liquid cold applied thermoplastic paint.


High solids, extremely durable, liquid thermoplastic traffic paint.
Plastech sb is a unique, proprietary, high solids, solvent based liquid paint that can be cold spray applied using conventional spray equipment designed to handle solvent based paints. It is designed for good glass bead retention, high film build and excellent abrasion resistant. Use to paint cross walks, pedestrian crossing, stop bars, street / road legends signage.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 gallon metal buckets.

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PLASTECH sb is formulated and manufactured at our location in Atlanta, GA. It is designed as high build, high solids, cold applied thermoplastic traffic paint in liquid form, that can be spray applied using conventional airless equipment designed for solvent based paints. First coat to be spray applied at 30 wet mils and saturated with glass beads. Let the first coat dry and cure and remove excess glass beads. Apply the second coat, saturate with glass beads, let dry and cure. With two passes of paint, along with glass beads the PLASTECH paint is build up to 60 mils dry film thickness. The end result is the look and performance of conventional thermoplastic paint without the use of hot applied kettle thermo machine.

  • Contains strong binders and pigments resulting in a high build, high solids, durable coating.
  • Looks and performance of conventional solid hot applied thermoplastic coating.
  • Good alternate for expensive and hard to use hot kettle melt type thermoplastic spray equipment.
  • Available in White, Yellow and Blue.
  • Also available in a high performance, no solvent, water-based formulation, PLASTECH wb
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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Available Colors

Royal Blue

Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

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