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Removable Road Runway Paints

US SPECIALTY COATINGS formulates and manufactures several different types of removable - temporary airport runway line marking paints. Use for painting signs, identification numbers, direction arrows. These removable striping paints are tough and durable but can be easily be removed / erased whenever needed.

STRIPE-X - true water based, removable paint. It can be sprayed using the same striping equipment - spray machines used for conventional paint. It dries fast in 30 minutes and it looks and performs like conventional road or airport runway striping paint. But with an important difference it can easily be removed using USSC's STRIPE-X remover.

AQUASTRIPE REM - removable water based traffic line marking paint. It can be sprayed using conventional traffic line marking paint machines. But with an important difference :- It will either wear off quickly when exposed to the environment ( 1 year ) or can easily be removed with pressure washing.