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Curb Protection

  • concrete road street parking lot curb huggers plastic strip attachment to protect prevent costly damage to car rims whee
    Protect curbs, avoid expensive damage repair biils to car wheels, rims, tires.
  • Curb Repair Kit CurbFIX
    Curb Repair Kit CurbFIX
    Water activated polymer to fix, repair broken damaged concrete curbs.

Manufactured from a specially formulated ultra high molecular weight poly ethylene polymer CurbHuggers are easy to install on existing or new concrete curbs to protect car tires, wheels, rims from severe damage and avoid costly repair bills. Tough, durable yet flexible and soft so as not to damage car rims, wheels or tires. Backed with technical support and guarantee. Proven cost savings and return on investment from less payouts for costly wheel and rim repairs. Enhance curb appeal, protect your curbs from ugly scuff marks, chips and breakage. CurbHuggers protection strips are made out of proprietary polyethylene polymer plastic and are 10 foot long.