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Thermoplastic Paints solid

Solid, hot applied, thermoplastic pavement marking paints are packaged in 50 pound plastic bags. They do not emit any volatile organic compounds ( VOC's ) during application, hence are regarded as environmentally safe.

The thermoplastic paint packaged in polyethylene plastic bags are dropped and liquefied under heat in a kettle on the spray machine truck. This liquefied paint is then sprayed or extruded from the spray truck on to the pavement. The liquefied paint cools as it hits the pavement, forming a durable, high-build, reflective traffic line marking paint. Thermoplastic paints contain special binders to glue all the ingredients of the paint together. Thermoplastic traffic paint formulations also contain specialized pigments for color, brightness, hiding power, glass beads for retro reflectivity, additives for flexibility, adhesion and other properties.

There are two binder types in Thermoplastic paints viz. Hydrocarbon and Alkyd, US Specialty Coatings offers the more durable and the most commonly specified ALKYD type. There are two other categories of thermoplastic paints viz. extrude and spray. All our thermoplastic paint contains top quality durable resins / binders, bright heat resistant pigments, highly reflective glass beads, specially selected additives. Hot applied solid thermoplastic traffic paints do not contain any solvents, they are VOC free (contain zero and emit ZERO VOC ). Since thermoplastic traffic line marking paints are applied as a high build high-profile paints this contributes to night time retro-reflectivity and audible rumble safety features.

Please refer to the several grades of hot applied solid thermoplastic traffic line marking paints we offer and check which one meets your needs. If you need recommendations or approval for city county use or federal highway application, please call our customer sales representatives or one of our chemists at our toll free number 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.