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Floor Polish, Wax, Finish

  • Floor finish wax polish manufacturer clear repeat burnish polishing school hospital floors.
    Floor Wax, super clear, designed for frequent maintenance burnishing.
  • High performance Floor Finish Wax Polish for inexperience rookie users.
    Good performance floor finish wax polish for inexperienced rookie users.
  • Tough clear hard floor polish finish wax for low temperature use.
    Tough clear floor finish, wax, polish for low maintenance applications.
  • High solids top performance quality durable glass floor finish wax polish
    Top quality, high solids, superior gloss, high performance Floor Finish.
  • No zinc eco friendly clear durable tough floor finish polish wax
    High performance, eco friendly, zinc free, Green Floor finish wax polish.
  • Concrete Floor finish base coat first coat primer tough clear coat strippable.
    Strippable acrylic primer base coat for concrete, terrazo, marble floors.

High performance, top quality acrylic polymer floor waxes / floor polishes / floor sealers / floor strippers manufactured by US Formula Technology. Formulations include tough, extremely durable, high gloss, clear, low odor, eco friendly, no metal, zero VOC, strippable, green floor waxes. Designed for ease of application, self levelling, excellent flow, with little or no mop drag, high solids, for high wear traffic areas with excellent response to regular spray buffing or high speed burnishing. USFT floor finishes are a must for a high profile, high demand maintenance program. Used on floors of numerous high schools, supermarkets, retail stores, grocery stores, day care facilities, airports, supermarkets, food service facilities, hospital, health care institutions, etc. Recommended for use on vinyl composite tiles VCT, linoleum floors, terrazzo, slate, marble, granite, rubber tiles, sealed wood, polished concrete, sealing acid etched surfaces and synthetic floorings.