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  • concrete road street parking lot curb huggers plastic strip attachment to protect prevent costly damage to car rims whee
  • protect curbs road street parking lot deck concrete red color.
    10 foot strip of CURBHUGGER RED before installation.
  • install curb protection wheel rim damage control plastic strips installation from manufacturer
    Easily install to protect curbs and wheels from damage.
  • parking lot parking deck curb protection 10 foot ten strips in colors direct from manufacturer.
    AFTER installation of RED CURBHUGGER 10 foot strips.
  • safety protection of curbs car wheels rims with plastic strips.
    Office complex curbs protected with CURBHUGGERS.
  • Plastic strips red white black gray for curb protection at best price.
    RED CurbHuggers and USSC RED curb paint.
  • easy to install curb protection 10 foot plastic strips and bright red curb painting.
    RED CurbHuggers and RED paint for protection and safety.
  • Protect car wheels concrete curbs parking lots using curb huggers black red gray green yellow white color polymer plastic.
    Protection with Black CurbHuggers for car parking lots.
  • concrete protection road curb yellow strips huggers.
    CurbHuggers are shipped as easy to install, 10 foot long strips.
  • concrete bank drive through repaired using dura pave curb huggers
    Damaged curbs can be repaired with DuraPave, CurbHuggers.
  • plastic strips to repair concrete curb asphalt curb repair kit.
    AFTER - curb repair with USSC DuraPave, CurbHuggers.
  • concrete curb repair plastic strips patching kit
    Easy repair of broken curbs at Bank ATM drive through.
  • protect curbs car rims wheels from expensive damage high repair bills.
    Protect concrete curbs, car rims, from expensive repair bills.
  • repair bank drive through lane concrete curb and island.
    BEFORE - damaged bank drive through concrete curbs.
  • repairing painting damaged curbs using curb huggers ussc yellow paint.
    BEFORE - damaged concrete curb at bank drive through.
  • repairing fixing painting fast quick low cost concrete curb repair and protection.
    BEFORE - very common, damaged drive through curbs.
  • bank drive through protected with curb huggers yellow paint.
    AFTER - installation of CurbHuggers, DuraPave, USSC paint.
  • protect concrete curb from damage to wheels and concrete with curb huggers.
    AFTER reparing with CURBHUGGERS, DuraPave and USSC paint.
  • installation pricing of concrete protection curb protective plastic strips prevent damage
    Pricing, installation, technical info, to ORDER call 800-278-7473
  • prevent expensive costly damage to car rim wheels parking garage curbs
  • protect curbs banks fast food restaurants grocery stores
  • install bank drive through curb protection stop damages to car rims wheels
  • car wash Curbs protected durable tough plastic
    CURBHUGGERS work perfect for CAR WASH CURBS.
  • plastic protective strips to protect car wash curbs expensive cars rims
    Prevent car wash curbs from damaging expensive car rims.
  • curb huggers car wash bank mall parking lot protection.
  • concrete curb protection.
  • prevent damages high repair bills to car wheels tires rims
    Prevent costly, expensive damages to car rims, wheels, tires.
  • prevent damage to concrete curbs parking lot driveway.
    Parking lot curbs protected from damage using CurbHuggers.
  • install attach curb cushion where cars will most likely hit the concrete curbs huggers.
    Install CurbHuggers were the cars are most likely to hit curbs.
  • damage to curbs is limited and black tire marks scuff marks just wipe off.
    Limit the damage. Black tire scuff marks will wipe off.
  • supplier supply manufacturer curb paint plastic curb cushion plastic strips.
    We supply the striping paints, curb paints, CurbHuggers.
  • avoid curb damage tire damage expensive wheel damage on cars trucks vehicles
    Use CurbHuggers to avoid this kind of curb, tire, rim damage.
  • flexible tough durable curb huggers protection strips easy to install on concrete curbs.
    CurbHuggers are specifically designed to be flexible.
  • areas on curbs for plastic curb protection to prevent costly repair bills
    Some areas are a must for CurbHuggers protection.
  • bright colors red yellow black plastic curb protection.
    CurbHuggers are available in several BRIGHT colors.
  • curbs concrete parking lot banks grocery stores need protection
    Prime candidate for CurbHuggers protection.
  • bank drive thru through that need curb huggers protection to avoid costly vehicle car truck expensive cars truck car wheels tire
    Bank drive-thru that definetly needs CurbHuggers.
  • prevent costly damage to car rims wheels tires cars.
    Defintely needs CH to prevent costly damage to cars.
  • place order for concrete curb protection plastic sheets
    To ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE
  • use on parking lot parking garage parking lot street road street concrete curbs.
    Use on streets, roads, parking lot, parking garage curbs.


Protect curbs, avoid expensive damage repair biils to car wheels, rims, tires.
CurbHuggers are manufactured from a specially formulated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene polymer, specifically designed to be easily installed on existing or new concrete curbs to protect car tires, wheels, rims from severe damage and costly repairs. Available in UV stable colors - vibrant YELLOW, deep BLACK and bright RED. For technical information, shipping costs, installation instructions, or to PLACE an ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Priced and shipped as 10 foot long strips.

  • High volume / established Customers please call us for special pricing.
  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT at the BEST PRICE.
  • To locate a USSC sales rep. or a Distributor in your area, Please call us toll free.
  • We can match any Paint, Coating, Primer, Sealer, Janitorial Product.
  • Want to distribute USSC products or be a sales rep. Please contact us.
  • CurbHuggers protection strips are made out of proprietary polyethylene polymer plastic.
  • Designed to be tough, durable yet flexible and soft so as not to damage car rims, wheels or tires.
  • Any damage or tire marks on the plastic surface of the CurbHuggers can be wiped cleaned.
  • Easy to install. Attaches to old or new concrete curbs.
  • Backed with technical support and guarantee.
  • Proven cost savings and return on investment from less payouts for costly wheels and rim repairs.
  • Enhance curb appeal, protect your curbs and AVOID costly car repair bills.
  • Eliminate tire scuff marks and chipping / breakage of your concrete curbs.
  • Pricing, technical information or to PLACE ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Available Colors