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Roof Coatings

US SPECIALTY COATINGS formulates and manufactures a whole range of roof coatings to repair, protect, beautify, stop leaks and lower energy costs. If one of our products listed below does meet any special requirements please call us and our technical staff and we will be glad to custom formulate a product that meets specifications.

ELASTOMERIC ROOF COATING - Flexible, tough, water weather resistant, insulating roof coating. 

SILICONIZED ROOF COATING - Extremely Durable heat reflective energy saving, flexible roof coating.

ALUMINIUM ROOF COATING sb - Aluminum Roof Coating to repair protect roofs, reflect suns UV heat.

ROOFCOAT clear - Tough, water weather resistant, CLEAR protective roof coating.

ELASTOMERIC ROOF PATCH wb - Elastomeric Roof patching to seal cracks, seams, skylights, vents.

ROOF CEMENT - Rubber Acrylic co-polymer based roof cement coating for water ponding.

ROOFWASH - Concentrated, safe, roof cleaner, roof surface preparation liquid.