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Lumber Marking Paints

  • Aerosol paint to mark lumber paint wood tree marking paints.
    EcoCOAT aerosol
    Environmentally safe aerosol paint to mark lumber, trees, logs, wood.

US SPECIALTY COATINGS manufactures several types of lumber and tree marking paints. These paints are used to color code cut lumber, mark trees and to identify raw wood. USSC lumber and tree marking paints are packaged in aerosol cans and in 1 or 5 gallon buckets ( bulk tree marking paints ).

EcoCOAT aerosol - Easy to use, packaged in convenient aerosol cans, good quality water based aerosol paint to mark, identify, color code cut lumber, mark trees, identify raw wood, and tree logs. Also use as straight up spray aerosol spray cans for outdoor tree markings. Twelve 20 ounce by volume cans per case. Available in Purple, Brown, Fluorescent Orange and custom colors.