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Glow in Dark Paints

USSC's GLOW in DARK GID coatings can be BEST applied as a three coat system.

1) The WHITE BASE COAT is an extremely durable, yet a safe water base coating that is applied as a primer, base coat on the substrate. It has a proven performance record to adhere, stick to all kinds of properly prepared and clean surfaces. It dries fast to extremely bright white coating that enhances the phosphorescent effect of the intermediate GLOWER COAT.

2) The GLOWER is a durable, water base coating that contains extremely high levels of phosphorescent pigment. The phosphorescent pigments absorb light during the day and then emits a strong bright halo at night ( in darkness ) to help see signs, writings, barriers, etc at night.

3) The third top PROTECTIVE SEAL COATING is applied to help protect the base and the glower coat from wear and tear. It is not absolutely necessary to do this step but it can definitely help in adding extra years of service and better performance. It is a water base coating that is extremely tough and can be applied using a brush on roller.

Apply the Glow in dark paint system on metal, concrete, brick, painted walls, neat walls, sheet rock, steel.

Use in warehouses, buildings, hospitals, schools, water way barriers as safety measure.

We also custom manufacture stencils of any size, shape, symbols, lettering or font.