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Coating for Rubber Mats

Formulated with proprietary resins, one component, ready to use, high solids coatings / paints / overlays that are to be applied directly on outdoor or indoor rubber mats to resurface and protect them on site, for years of prolonged use. This liquid coating is supplied with black or white aggregate that can be broadcasted on top of the applied coating to give it a concrete or an asphalt look. Formulated with special resins to adhere to the hard to stick rubber floor matt surface and to stay flexible. Aggregate on tip gives it a non skid, wear resistant, water proof surface. Rather than replacing old, faded, worn out, damaged rubber mats in horse barns, stables and walk ways, renew / refurbish them on site with this high build, tough, durable, wear resistant coating, solely manufactured by US Specialty Coatings. Easy to apply, cross linking, one component liquid coating that can easily be brush applied or rolled on indoor or outdoor rubber mats and repair them in place with a tough durable coating overlay that looks like asphalt or concrete surface rather than replacing / throwing them away.