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Metal Primers

  • Red oxide primer water based metal steel structures anti rust corrosion resistant paint coating.
    Water based, Acrylic anti corrosion anti rust primer for metal surfaces.
  • Red oxide primer anti corrosion paint coating steel iron metal surfaces structures
    Oil based, anti corrosion, anti rust primer, coating for metal structures.
  • rust converter clear sealer anti corrosion anti rust coating paint
    Treats, converts, seals unstable red rust to a more stable black rust.

Primers are necessary for proper paint performance and a must in certain challenging paint applications. Primers help topcoats to bond better to hard to stick substrates, hence enhance adhesion. Primers help in anti corrosion, reduce stain marks, odor bleed through, prevent peeling, provide a stable / strong base for the topcoats to enhance the durability of the entire coating system. 

RED OXIDE sb primer - a solvent-based, fast drying, high performance, alkyd resin based, red iron oxide primer that resists rust and corrosion. It is water resistant and cures by oxidation. Recommended for interior and exterior use on all metal surfaces.

RED OXIDE wb primer - a non-flammable, water based, low odor, high performance, acrylic latex based, red oxide primer that resists rust and corrosion. One dry it is water resistant, blister resistant, weather resistant. Use for interior or exterior application on all metal surfaces.

RUST CONVERTER - Water based clear coating that effectively treats, converts, seals surfaces that have unstable red rust to a more stable black rust. Forms a tough clear coat over the treated rust surface to facilitate top coating with a high performance water based or solvent based high performance coating.

PRIMER SEALER STAIN BLOCKER - Primer Sealer stain blocker is primarily designed for interior use where clean air, no paint fumes and no irritating solvent smell is of utmost importance. It is designed for use in sensitive interior areas like buildings, facilities, rooms and confined spaces that are occupied. It has excellent performance namely fast dry and sealing and encapsulating properties. Seals and blocks water damage, ink, smoke, wood tannin stains.