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Mulch Glue EcoBOND

  • adhesive glue to glue bond stick n place yard mulch pines straw stones
    EcoBOND Mulch Glue
    Tough, durable glue / binder to bond mulch, pine straw, pea gravel, stones.
  • Paint dye colorant mulch pine straw black brown red pinestraw painting.
    Permanent colorant dye paint, restores color of old faded mulch, pine straw.

Specially formulated by US SPECIALTY COATINGS a clear glue / adhesive coating to help secure and put in place landscaping yard materials like mulch, pine straw, wood chips, sand, decorative material, small gravel, pee gravel, small stones. Easily use apply on site to firmly bond / secure / glue landscape materials in place so they will not be disturbed, blown away, eroded during high winds, rain and water. Saves time, money and effort by keeping installed landscape materials in place. Dries clear, product is tough yet flexible when dry. Eco friendly, water base, does not contain any harmful solvents. Plant safe, animal safe. Use around homes, business gardens, yards as a stabilizer and for erosion control around trees, shrubs, walkways, drive ways. Best price, direct from manufacturer, for more information or to PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.