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Direct to Metal Paints

USSC's Direct to Metal DTM paints have been specifically formulated to be applied over metal surfaces without any surface preparation or primers. USSC manufactures a whole range of DTM paints to form an extremely strong bond to all metal surfaces, ferrous / on ferrous, galvanized metal, previously painted metal surfaces, iron, steel, metal structures and many other substrates. We can custom manufacture any type of coating and can meet most paint specifications, call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE for a free consultation.

DTM wb  water based  - Non flammable, Safe, Low odor, Extremely Durable, proven, top quality, fast dry, water-based acrylic coating that resists water absorption, exterior weathering, rust and corrosion. Engineered to form extremely strong bond to all metal surfaces, contains very low odor and VOC's so it can be used in interior applications without sacrificing air quality. Available in White, Black, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Orange and custom colors.

DTM sb solvent based - 1KsbPU Polyurethane coating designed to be applied over properly prepared metal surfaces and previously painted metals. Fast dry, self curing coating that forms a tough durable coating. Being solvent based it contains VOC's and is flammable. However it is formulated to have as low of a VOC for a solvent based paint and low odor. The advantage of this formulation is price, ease of use, no flash rusting and no need for extensive surface preparation. Available in White, Trailer White, Tan, Black, and custom colors.

DURACOAT DTM aerosol - Fast dry, top quality enamel, acrylic coating for use primarily on metal surfaces. Conveniently packaged in easy to use aerosol spray cans. Paint dries / cures fast to a tough, flexible coating that is weather, water, crack and chip resistant. Use to paint all metal surfaces for interior or exterior use.