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Landscape Dyes

  • Paint dye colorant mulch pine straw black brown red pinestraw painting.
    Permanent colorant dye paint, restores color of old faded mulch, pine straw.
  • Aerosol Paint color colorant dye mulch pine straw yard lawn ground cover can.
    BEDWORKS aerosol
    Aerosol paint repair color rejuvenate lawn painting yard mulch pinestraw.
  • Black pond dye colorant to control algae growth fish safe golf course pond use.
    Environment safe fish friendly dye for ponds to control algae, plant growth.
  • Deep penetrating linseed oil based stain transparent iron oxide wood stains.
    Deep penetrating oil based stain to protect, enhance wood color, grain.
  • Green temporary removale tracking dye paint for temporary marking washes off with water.
    TURFWORKS TrackerDye
    Temporary, water washable, spray pattern indicator, green tracker dye.

US SPECIALTY COATINGS landscaping dyes are formulated to restore and rejuvenate faded mulch, faded pine straw, dormant grass and landscaping timber. All of USSC's mulch dyes, turf dyes, grass colorants, turf pigments, landscape timber stains, and pond dyes are environmentally safe, eco friendly to the user and the environment. They DO NOT CONTAIN any hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or any other ingredients that are known to be harmful.

TurfWorks GrassPigments - water based, concentrated, cover a vast area with a small quantity, easy to use, safe apply to brown grass to turn it looking lush green. 

TurfWorks PaintDye - Permanent turf colorant paint dye that colors brown grass to lush green. Extremely durable, safe, turf dye that looks natural and will not turn blue.

TurfWorks aerosol - Aerosol paint colorant that colors brown dormant grass to lush green. Convenience of aerosol cans, durable, waterproof, safe, looks natural. Easily cover up pet pee spots, dead bald spots on home lawn grass. 

Bedworks - Mulch Dye and Pine Straw Dye to enhance the landscape instantly by changing the color of old, faded, weathered mulch or pine straw to looking new and fresh. Available in several colors. 

Bedworks aerosol - High performance, durable, convenience of aerosol paint spray cans that is color matched to be applied on-site over old, weathered, bleached mulch, pine straw to rejuvenate, protect and beautify.

Pondworks - fish friendly natural pond dye to control algae and weed growth.

Stainworks - Deep penetrating oil based stain to protect unpainted wood. Designed not as a paint but a stain to natural enhance wood color and wood grain.

TurfWorks TrackerDye - Temporary, water washable, spray pattern indicator, green tracker dye, spray indicator dye.