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About US Specialty Coatings

  • traffic marking paint
    USSC corporate headquarters- 1000 McFarland, Alpharetta GA
  • field marking paint
  • shipping marking paints
    Administration, Accounting, Sales and Shipping offices.
  • asphalt paint
  • repairing asphalt coatings
    USSC campus is blessed with several beautiful green acres.
  • road street paint
    Several varieties of flower and fruit trees - Azaleas in bloom.
  • curb paint
  • field painting machines
  • concrete repair coatings paints sealers
  • manufacturer traffic paints
  • road paint manufacturer
  • concrete repair coatings
  • pot hole repair
  • manufacturer marking paints
  • heat reflective coatings
  • manufacturer janitorial cleaning products
  • environmentally friendly coatings paints
  • Testing of asphalt sealers, concrete coatings, traffic paints.
  • asphalt sealer
  • driveway sealer
  • Several open fields to test athletic field paints.
  • roof coatings
  • protective metal primers
  • fence post paint manufacturer
    USSC shipping and receiving section at 1000 McFarland.
  • wood coatings manufacturer
  • asphalt street road repair coatings products
  • fence coatings
  • wood fence coatings
  • coatings manufacturer US
  • paint production plant
  • coatings paint janitorial cleaning products production plant US
    Entrance to shipping and receiving at 1000 McFarland.
  • road traffic paint manufacturer
    USSC 900 McFarland Building, Alpharetta GA.
  • USSC - 900 McFarland Building.
  • direct to metal DTM paints coatings manufacturer
    Field paint testing ground bewteen 1000 & 900 Buildings.
  • USSC paint production facility 3085 Trotters Parkway.
  • paint manufacturer
  • parking lot road street asphalt sealer pot hole repair products
  • epoxy polyurethane floor coatings paints manufacturer
    USSC primers / paint / coatings Testing and R&D facility.
  • landscape grass dyes green paints stencils
  • manufacturer grass paint green turf dyes colorants
  • paint manufacturing company crew
    Reason for our success - USSC team, at Christmas party.

Established in 1991, with direct sales and distributors in all 50 states and overseas, US SPECIALTY COATINGS is headquartered in Alpharetta GA - USA. Founded on the strength of technical knowledge and expertise in the Chemical Industry and specifically in Paints & Coatings, USSC continues to thrive and grow and is proud of its accomplishments as a formulator and a manufacturer of its own cutting edge products. USSC is proud to employ over 30 full time employees, several independent sales representatives, own a total of 100,000 square feet of manufacturing facility with state of the art manufacturing equipment and R&D laboratory, on 7 beautiful green acres.

USSC brand names include DURA-STRIPE - Aerosol Line Marking Paints, AQUA-STRIPE - Bulk Athletic Field Marking Paints, TECHLINE - Full range of Traffic and Highway Paints, STRIPE-X Removable Paints, CONCRETE DeFENDER and CoSi - Concrete Coatings, DURAPAVE - Asphalt pot hole Repair and sealers, ALL HORIZONS - Architectural Paints, Coatings, Stains, Sealers and Primers, TECH-PRO - Full range of Direct to Metal Paints, High Performance Industrial Coatings, Specialty Protective Coatings, Custom CoatingsUSFT - Floor Waxes, Floor Finishes, Floor Cleaners, Wax and Paint Strippers, Janitorial Products. Just a small sample of USSC products that have been tested, proven and appreciated by our loyal customers.

USSC's R&D Chemists and Production staff are fully dedicated and qualified to formulate and manufacture THE BEST PERFORMING PAINTS, COATINGS & JANITORIAL PRODUCTS.