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Metal Cleaners

  • Stainless polish cleaner protect metal ovens fridges counter tops.
    METALWORKS stainless cleaner
    Stainless polish, cleaner, protectant, for metal ovens, fridges, countertops.
  • Remover cleaner for metals iron stainless stell grill oven pots pans removes baked on residue
    Removes baked on residues from iron, stainless steel, ovens grills, pots.

Metal cleaner / polish to protect metal surfaces. All USFT cleaners / polishes are of superior performance, well formulated and thoroughly tested. High performance aerosol stainless polish cleaner protectant that contains top quality ingredients, that include superior blends of oils, solvents, surface preservative agents. Recommended for use on a variety of metal surfaces. Removes grease, oils, finger prints. Leaves a very thin, protective, water resistant film. Prevents rusting, corrosion and discoloration. Performance tested on chrome, aluminum, zinc, brass, cooper and silver, Use on metal ovens, fridges, and counter tops.