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Cleaners Deodorizers

  • Safe peroxide cleaner odor killer for synthetic turf artificial grass sports fields.
    Cleaning brightening odor killing action of peroxide for synthetic sports fields.
  • Odor eliminator odor remover for synthetic turf artificial grass sports fields
    QUAT soluton to eliminate odors, diseases by germs, microbes, bacteria.

USFT manufactures several products to function as bad odor eliminators, cleaners, degreasers, sanitizers. Each product has its own functionality and is specifically formulated to perform certain tasks to keep most non-porous surfaces not only clean but intend to controls the spread of mold, mildew, foul smelling odors, germs, microbes to control the risk of spreading diseases.

WHITEWATER - Specialized cleaner, odor eliminator, whitening agent, based on peroxide ( oxygenated ) technology. Concentrated stable product, needs to be thinned with water, safe for environment, user and artificial grass plastic filaments. Primarily use to clean, degrease, whiten synthetic turf sports fields.

GERM WARFARE - Specialized product for bad odor elimination. Controls and eliminates microbes, organic material that cause foul odors. Concentrated product, needs to be diluted. Can be applied with spray bottles, pump up sprayers or ride on boom sprayers. Safe for use on synthetic turf athletic fields, locker rooms, athletic facility equipment, mats, athletic uniforms.