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Floor Polish Wax Finish Cleaners

  • Detergent to help scrub clean, recoating of old floor wax finish polish.
    Detergent to prepare floor waxes-finishes-polishes for recoat.
  • No silicates No phosphates cherry scented detergent for floor autoscrubbers.
    No silicates, No phosphates, strong detergent for floor auto scrubbers.
  • No silicates no phosphates Lemon scented auto scrubber floor detergent.
    No silicates, no phosphates, Lemon scented, eco friendly floor detergent.
  • Concentrated mopping detergent secented for cleaning floors.
    Concentrated, mopping detergent, voyage secented, for cleaning floors.
  • Non acid cleaner scum remover bathroom urinals restoom procelain tile cleaning
    Non Acid scum remover for porcelain, fiberglass, chrome, ceramic tiles.

Versatile all purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, all surface cleaners that are non toxic, user safe, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. Well suited for every day floor cleaning or interim maintenance scrubbing programs or for cleaning between recoating-reapplication of clear floor polish finishes and floor waxes. Formulated without the use of high pH dangerous caustic chemicals. Formulated with ecology friendly surfactants, effective detergents, green solvents and cutting edge cleaning agents. Scented with pleasant odor oils. Designed not to damage the gloss, shine, performance of floor when used-applied over clear finish polish sealer wax. Neutralizes removes excess alkaline on floors from wax strippers. A must for modern floor maintenance programs.