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Floor Finish Restorer, Maintainers

  • Rejuvenate cleans protects floor finish restorer vinyl tile floor polish wax restore maintainer.
    Cleans, restores, rejuvenates, protects damaged floor finishes / waxes / polishes.

Maintainer, restorer, rejuvenator, protectant for floor waxes / floor polishes. Restore renew and maintain the gloss / the original shine of floor finishes. Makes old tarnished abused floors looking brand new. Specially formulated to be environmentally friendly, nano technology infused based chemistry to clean gloss and shine floor acrylic polish using burnish high speed floor buffing equipment. Superior cleaning power to remove black heel marks and dirt replacing it with brilliant anti slip shiny glossy safe on use on all synthetic flooring, vinyl composite VCT tiles, natural quarry tiles granite quartz marble stones terrazzo flooring in residential buildings commercial warehouse floors, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, health, institutions, grocery stores, super markets, shopping malls, airports.