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  • Permanent fast asphalt road highway street road damage pot hole repair activated by water.
  • Asphalt pothole pavement damage repair.
    Asphalt pavement damage to be repaired - BEFORE picture.
  • No need to saw cut edges of asphalt pot hole damage wire brush.
    Wire brushed, cleaned pot hole. NO need to saw cut edges.
  • pour asphalt repair cold patch mix from the bucket into the pot hole.
    Pour DuraPave repair from bucket into the cleaned pot hole.
  • packaged in gallon plastic buckets pound net weight.
    Packaged in 3.5 gallon buckets, 55 pound net weight.
  • Pour asphalt cold patch repair.
    Build a 1 inch crown in the middle for better compaction.
  • Spread compact asphalt cold patch repair material with trowel.
    Spread DuraPave evenly and compact it lighly with a trowel.
  • spray water saturate repair patch to activate cure hardness.
    Spray water. Saturate with water to activate cure, hardness.
  • Hand tamper tool to compact asphalt cold patch repair product in pot hole.
    Use hand tamper tool to thoroughly compact DuraPave.
  • water needed to activate hardness cure asphalt repair pot hole fix cold patch.
    Total 1 gallon of water needed per 3.5 gallon of DuraPave.
  • open to traffic immediatley moisture cure asphalt patch repair
    Depending on the temperature, immediately open to traffic.
  • tough durable permanent fix repair product cold patch kit asphalt pavements.
    Tough, durable, permanent repair / fix for damaged asphalt. pot hole pavements.
  • Asphalt pothole repair patch compound cleaning surface preparation.
    Another example..... Step 1 - Prepare / Clean the pothole.
  • Pour asphalt repair fix material on pavement road spot to be reapired.
    Step 2 - Pour DuraPave in the asphalt potholes to be fixed.
  • spread street road highway deck drive way pot hole repair using trowel.
    If needed, spread the pothole repair material using a trowel.
  • Compact in place asphalt patching material using metal tamper tool.
    Step 3 - Compact DuraPave using a metal tamper tool.
  • Asphalt aggregate size asphalt pot hole repair patch.
    DuraPave asphalt patch is offered in several aggregate sizes.
  • Activate cure hardness with water strength durable strong permenant tough asphalt patch.
    Step 4 - Activate cure, hardness, strength by spraying water.
  • solid tough hard solid asphalt patch activated by water.
    Cures to soild hard in 1-3 hours depending on temperature.

DuraPave asphalt pothole repair

Permanent, strong, fast cure asphalt pothole repair activated by water.
DuraPave is a uniquely formulated, eco friendly, solvent free, VOC free, fast cure, permanent cold patch asphalt repair. Unlike conventional repair products this formulation is instantly activated, cures, cross links and hardens with water immediately to form a very strong, extremely durable, permanent asphalt pothole repair. Permanently repair damaged areas of streets, roads, bridges, highways, parking lots, airports, pot holes instantly, and in any weather.
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Formulated and manufactured at USSC's main plant in Alpharetta GA, DuraPave is a thoroughly tested, revolutionary formulation that cures, hardens with water. DuraPave is eco friendly and can be used in any conditions, cures, hardens, fast to produce a very strong durable material to patch potholes, damage on asphalt roads, streets, highways, runways, parking decks, driveways, walkways. It does not need any heat source, contains no environmentally harmful asphalt, coal tar, cutbacks or solvents. Contains renewable vegetable oil. Cured material is stronger than regular road pavement asphalt that result in a fast, strong, durable, permanent asphalt repair. Product is moisture sensitive so unopened must me stores in cool dry area. Opened container must be completely used up as soon as possible. Once opened partial container must be sealed properly and stored in cool dry place. Moisture contamination of the unopened stored product or not properly sealed open container will result in hardening of product in the container. Before application of DP thoroughly clean the pot hole or damaged areas. Remove as much loose debris from the pothole as possible. Remove lid from bucket and pour DuraPave in the pothole to fill the entire damaged area. Compact the DuraPave in the hole with a tamper until it is even with the road surface. Then pour water on the entire surface. Compact again immediately. Then leave it alone, it will cure and harden in 15 minutes at regular 77 deg temperature. Road can be open to traffic in 30 minutes. It takes about half gallon of water per 4 gallon bucket, 3.5 gallon bucket packed to the brim net 55 pounds of DuraPave. Coverage is 5 square feet at 1 inch thick per 55 pound or per 4 gallon bucket.

  • Easy to use, permanent, fast set, fast cure, eco friendly ready to use asphalt patching compound.
  • Made from renewable oils, VOC free, tough, water activated, durable, permanent, cost effective asphalt pothole repair.
  • Contains NO leachable asphalt, coal tar, petroleum oil cutbacks or environmentally harmful solvents.
  • Not effected with weather conditions during application. Rain, Sun, Hot, Cold, Moisture no problem.
  • Just spread evenly in the pothole or damaged areas, tamper down, spray water to initiate cure, hardness and its done.
  • Fast application, instant cure and hardness eliminates the need for extensive traffic control expense and down time.
  • Can be top coated with one of our anti skid, durable, fast dry, asphalt or concrete coating.
  • Repair damaged areas, potholes, manholes on concrete-asphalt roads, streets, bridges, runways, parking lots, decks.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • For more information, a recommendation or to ORDER CALL 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473.


DURA PAVE SDS rev 10_02_2018 ( safety data sheet )