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TEMPORARY Removable Paints

US SPECIALTY COATINGS formulates and manufactures a whole range of bulk and aerosol Temporary and Removable paints for use in several different applications including painting lines and logos on synthetic turf athletic fields.

STRIPE-X - Water based bulk ( packaged in 5 gallons ) removable paint. STRIPE-X is NOT manufactured from conventional latex resin that is used for wall paints, but a specially engineered resin that dissolves when a specially formulated safe water-based STRIPE-X remover is applied. Use as removable paint for synthetic field turf athletic field lines and logos, temporary removable road highway line marking paints, temporary paints in construction zones, removable or erasable automotive paints, and many other applications. Available in White and over 20 in stock colors.

SPRAY CHALK - Unique aerosol spray product that is temporary and removable. It is sprayed as conventional aerosol paint, however it can be easily removed, erased by just agitation with a broom or can be washed off with soap and water. It is also formulated to fade off on its own in a few weeks.

STRIPWORKS - packaged in convenient to use aerosol cans that can be used with a 4 wheel aerosol can spray machine Paint to remove, strip, washoff unwanted paint from synthetic turf.

DSR - Paint remover, paint cleaner, stain remover, deodorizer for synthetic field turf made from natural occurring orange smelling solvent.

PAINTOFF - Safe, water based paint remover to strip, clean, wash off removable or unwanted permanent paint from synthetic artificial field turf.