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ThermoPlastic Paint Sprayers

  • Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt solid thermoplastic traffic line marking paint spray machine
    Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt
    Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt is a fast melt, on board handliner for application of solid thermoplastic traffic paints.
  • Graco thermoLazer 200 TC line striping machine for melting spraying solid thermoplastic traffic paint.
    Graco ThermoLazer 200TC
    Graco ThermoLazer 200TC is portable thermoplastic handliner ideal for striping contractors who already have premelt kettle systems.
  • Graco Line Driver to turn walk behind striper to a ride on striping lining machine.
    Graco LineDriver
    Connect Graco LineDriver to the Graco LineLazer IV striper to convert a walk behind striper to a ride on striper for large traffic line markings or athletic striping projects.
  • Graco ThermoLazer 300TC spray machine melt spray solid thermoplastic traffic paints.
    Graco ThermoLazer 300TC
    Graco ThermoLazer 300 TC is a user friendly paint spray machine designed to melt and apply solid thermoplastic paints.

Line marking machines to apply hot applied solid Thermoplastic paints as line marking on crosswalks, traffic lines, signs, symbols on roads, streets, highways, airport runways, bridges, parking structures, on all concrete and asphalt surfaces.