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Paint Scarifiers for removing Lines

  • Graco GrindLazer 390 sacrifier for removing unwanted old paints coatings
    GrindLazer 390
    Remove old unwanted traffic paints, thermoplastic, epoxy coatings, smooth uneven surfaces.
  • GrindLazer 480
    GrindLazer 480
    Superior grinding / grooving, Superior scarification of unwanted old paints coatings.
  • GrindLazer 270 for removing traffic lines and smoothing uneven surfaces.
    GrindLazer 270
    Ideal for removing traffic lines and smoothing uneven surfaces.

Scarifiers for concrete and asphalt surface preparation. Scarifiers leave a clean, textured or rough finish on any concrete or asphalt surface. The GrindLazers are the contractor choice for all-around scarifying jobs including parking lot lines, intersection markings, construction zones and sidewalk smoothing. With the optional LineDriver system its productivity is unmatched and means you can get more work done everyday without the fatigue from walking. Use Graco scarifiers for removal off and scarification of old unwanted traffic paints coatings parking lot lines, runways markings crosswalks smoothing of uneven surfaces.