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SYNTHETIC Turf Marking Paints

Colleges, High Schools, Parks Recreation Departments are continually installing synthetic turf or artificial grass as low maintenance athletic sport fields. Some of these synthetic turf sports fields are totally green, meaning they have no inlaid lines or logos for any sport. Some fields have only have certain inlaid lines and markings for just one sport. US SPECIALTY COATINGS manufactures several formulations of permanent paints, removable paints, temporary chalk paints for various applications on these synthetic turf sport fields. 

DURASTRIPE - is a tough, durable, permanent aerosol paint to mark, stripe, paint lines and logos on synthetic turf fields. When using aerosol paints there is minimal setup time, minimum cleanup effort, aerosol cans are easy to use. Paint logos, mascots, names, signs of various colors and designs. Use our polyurethane clear packaged in aerosol cans as top for additional protection, durability and longevity. Use DURA GLOW for extra daytime brightness, visibility under night time lights and reflectivity.

STRIPE-X - bulk 5 gallon is a removable paint for marking, painting, striping lines and logos on synthetic field turf. Available in Bright White and several Colors. Apply / Use as conventional bulk spray paints. STRIPE-X is specially formulated as a true removable paint. It wrinkles and lifts up when STRIPE-X Remover / PAINT-OFF ( a safe water based remover ) is applied over paint lines and logos that need to be removed.

SPRAYCHALK - special temporary / removable formulation to mark, paint, stripe lines logos signs on synthetic field turf that can easily be removed. SPRAYCHALK lines will either wear off on its own with weather or just broom off the chalk with use of soap and water. Available in White and 10 bright vibrant colors. Use to mark temporary removable lines, logos, signs on synthetic turf fields. Routinely used to mark / paint / stripe Football, Soccer, men and women lacrosse lines on synthetic turf fields.