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Green Grass Colorant Dye PAINT

Eco friendly, water based, permanent, extremely concentrated, durable, Colorant Dye Pigment Paint to safely and easily beautify natural grass or natural turf. Turn dormant, brown, unhealthy yard / lawn grass to a lush healthy green color. Once dry, TurfWorks is water proof, UV stable and will not turn blue. Available in several shades of green. Save money, no need to over seed. During time of drought save the most precious resource, water. Use on golf course tee box, golf course fairways and putting greens. Color dormant brown grass turf on Football, Soccer, Lacrosse athletic fields to a lush natural looking healthy grass color. Used by home owners, landscapers, athletic directors, ground maintenance crews, real estate agents for curb appeal, pet owner to cover up pee spots, photographers, party planners, etc, just to name a few.