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  • carton box carton athletic field marking paint compare versus pioneer athletics
  • Field marking paint in cardboard box for Pioneer star electric battery operated paint liner
    2.5 gallon field marking box paint for electric spray machine.
  • Box carton packaged in cardboard box field marking paint to work in star pioneer battery operated electric liner spray machine.
    Direct from manufacturer, best price guarantee field paint.

BOX Field Marking Paint

Athletic field line marking carton, box paint for use in battery machine.
Being a paint manufacturer, we can offer athletic field line marking paint in a 2.5 gallon carton at a reasonable price. If you purchased a battery operated machine from another supplier, there is no need to continue paying an exorbitant price for their box paint. We offer the same type container, same quality paint, but at a lower price. Consider USSC's eco friendly S90 battery operated striping machine and AS#10 super concentrate field paint that can be thinned with 5 parts of water and can be sprayed with any type of paint striping machine.

2.5 gallons of field marking paint in cardboard box carton for $ 39

  • High volume / established Customers please call us for special pricing.
  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT at the BEST PRICE.
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  • We can match any Paint, Coating, Primer, Sealer, Janitorial Product.
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USSC has been formulating and manufacturing top quality paints for the past 30 years. If you bought one of the our competitors battery operated striping machine, there is no need to get " boxed in " and pay a high price for their replacement paint. We are offering the same quality paint at a very reasonable price. Lower than any competitors price guaranteed. Better options :- Two battery operated striping machines S90, PRO LINER that have a 5 gallon paint capacity. AQUA STRIPE #10 bulk super concentrated field marking paint that can be easily be thinned easily with 5 parts of water, contains no extenders, only prime pigment and acrylic latex resin. With these USSC options you can save on per gallon paint cost, shipping costs, storage space and ease of handling. We are committed to giving you the best paint and saving costs.

  • Same quality and characteristics of competitor's paint but better pricing. 
  • Ready to use, non settling formula. Attach carton-box to the battery striping machine and spray.
  • We guarantee price savings and quality. Nothing different in our paint to void any machine warranty.
  • We are a paint manufacturer, with qualified R & D chemists, we know what's involved with field paints.
  • We have a better alternative with our S90PRO LINER electric machines and AS#10 paint field concentrate.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • Need more information, a recommendation or to ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Available Colors

F/M Yellow