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  • battery_power_electric_powered_soccer_football_athletic_field_marking_paint_striping_machine_Pro_Line
  • Paint lines stripe line marking soccer football lacrosse baseball fields.
    Easily paint lines on soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball fields.
  • hours of extended battery life for field line marking.
    Advanced circuitry - 8 hours of battery life for field painting.
  • spray sharp crisp field lines with help of adjustable guards.
    Spray crisp, sharp lines with the use of adjustable side guards.
  • pump for battery operated athletic field marking line striping machine.
    Operated by a proven, field tested, dependable pump.
  • quick easy change paint storage color containers for field line marking machine.
    Quick disconnect coupler to easily change paint containers.
  • easy to change plastic cointers when changing paint colors.
    Easy to change paint containers when changing paint colors.
  • cleaning athletic field liner spray machine spray tips cleaning flushing hoses
    After spraying - hoses, spray tips are easy to flush and clean.
  • extended long battery life striping time of athletic field line marking machine.
    Advanced circuitry for extended battery life operation.
  • hours of battery life for field striping line marking soocer football fields electric machine.
    Simple to charge battery. Full charge & charge left indicators.
  • storage compartment for aerosol field marking paint or water bottles.
    Storage compartment to carry aerosol cans or water bottles.

ProLiner - field line striping machine

Battery powered athletic field line marking, field paint striping machine.
Eco friendly, easy to operate, electric powered athletic field line striping machine. With a press of a button, easily paint sharp crisp bright lines on football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball fields. Works on a 8 hour extended life, rechargeable battery. No need for a gasoline powered compressor. Simple, efficient, anyone can operate it. Field tested and proven to use with non clogging, easy to mix and easy to atomize field marking paint concentrate AQUASTRIPE #10.
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  • Eco friendly, efficient, battery powered field striping machine. Fully charged, rechargeable battery, will give 8 hours of striping.
  • Use with USSC's AQUASTRIPE #10 super concentrate Athletic Field Marking paint for optimum performance.
  • AQUASTRIPE #10 can easily be thinned with 6 parts of water. This paint designed to be easily stirred in with a paddle or a long wooden stir stick.
  • Diluted AQUA STRIPE #10 is designed not to settle once diluted. Specifically formulated paint by USSC to work efficiently with ProLiner.
  • AQUA STRIPE # 10 field paint will not exert undue pressure on the battery, pump, spray tips or the filter.
  • Additives in USSC paints are specifically added to prolong the life of the battery, pump, filter, spray tips and the ProLiner.
  • ProLiner sprays bright durable lines from every angle. Coats both sides of grass blade in a single pass.
  • Reduced paint consumption vs airless compressor powered high pressure striping machines.
  • One Button Operation. Pour paint concentrate in the ProLine container, add and stir water and press the button to start, it’s that easy!
  • Specially designed 6 gallon paint container capacity. Easily change containers for color change using the quick disconnect fitting.
  • 12V Rechargeable, maintenance Free Battery. Spray several regulation size soccer and football fields with one charge.
  • Have any further questions or need a recommendation or to PLACE an ORDER please call us at 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473.