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  • Athletic field soccer football fields battery electric line marking paint striping machine.

Newstripe EcoLiner

Battery powered electric athletic field line marking, paint striping machine.
Battery powered EcoLinerâ„¢ electric Field Striping Machine features a heavy duty, diaphragm pump powered by a 12-volt deep cycle marine battery. Paint-Stripe-Mark athletic field lines for hours on a single battery charge. No expensive gas engine to maintain. AMERICAN MADE for trusted quality and durability. For optimum performance, less stress on the batteries, pump, filters, longevity of machine, use 1:5 diluted AQUASTRIPE #10 super concentrated field paint.
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The EcoLiner™ Battery Powered Field Striping Machine features:

Economical Machine-Paint combination - Place a 5-gallon pail of premixed paint on the machine and you are ready to paint. Designed for use with AQUASTRIPE #10 super concentrate field marking paint that be thinned with 5 parts of water. Sprays without clogging filters, tips, easy on battery life and machine.

Safe Operation - No pressurized tanks. No need to release pressure to add paint or clean. No flat tires that never need inflating & roll smooth on uneven turf.

Cleanup is a Snap - When the job is done just remove the pail, reseal it, pump a little clear water through the system, and you are set for the next field marking job.

Paint fields in Half the Time - Bi-Directional spray head paints both the front and back of the grass at the same time. Shut one nozzle off for spraying practice fields and save paint. Line width can easily be adjusted from 2"-6" wide.

Never Stop to Stir the Paint Again - Recirculating pump keeps the paint continually mixed with no settling. You no longer need to stop striping and stir the paint.

No More Clogged Tip or Filter - The EcoLiner™ Field Stiper features a large replaceable foot filter on the intake hose. Cleaning the filter takes less than 30 seconds.

Build to Last - All welded steel construction and quality components results in the EcoLiner™ Field Striper giving you years of service.

12 Month Limited Warranty - The longest available. Guaranteed protection against defects in materials and workmanship.

Free Consultation - Have any further questions or need a recommendation, please feel free to call us at 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473.

Power Source - Battery.
Paint Capacity - 5-gallon pail.
Pump Type - Diaphragm.
Striper Type - Walk behind.
Item Name - EcoLiner™ Battery Powered Field Striping Machine.
Dimensions - 38" H x 25" W x 54" L.
Application - Athletic Field Marking Striping Paint Machine.
Paint Application Type - Low-pressure, bi-directional spray head. 2"-6" adjustable line width.
Controls - Hand operated, handle mounted spray controls.
Tires/Wheels - Four, 10" No Flat tires.
Filter - Suction hose filter, foot filter on pickup tube and in-line nozzle screens.
Paint Type - Athletic field paints.
Pump - Diaphragm, 12 volt, 3 gpm, 45 psi constant re-circulating.
Warranty - 12 months.
Features - 110 volt plug in battery charger included, dual handles with cushioned grips and all welded steel construction.