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Aerosol Field Marking Paints

US SPECIALTY COATINGS manufactures several types of aerosol marking paints. All USSC aerosol paints are specifically formulated to be safe for the environment, the applicator, all varieties of natural grass and artificial synthetic turf surfaces.

DuraStripe - The Brightest, the Whitest, the most durable aerosol field marking paint for use as permanent marking paint on natural grass or on synthetic turf athletic fields.

DuraStripe 26 ounce - Same high quality and high performance of DuraStripe but packaged in 26 ounces by weight aerosol cans. 44 % extra paint per can. Save on per ounce paint costs and change less cans when striping.

DuraGlow - Same high quality and high performance of DuraStripe but formulated with extra brighteners for higher nighttime reflectivity and daytime brightness.

EcoStripe - Water based aerosol marking paint for low odor, low VOC, yet better performance than any paint in its category.

DuraChalk - Temporary and Removable aerosol chalk to mark-paint synthetic turf, asphalt, concrete.

RefLine - Vanishing foam line spray aerosol cans for Soccer referees to mark a free kick wall.

DuraStripe UMA - High performance, durable, eco friendly, upside down marking paint, fitted with narrow " whip cream can type " Utility Marking Aerosol ( UMA ) spray tips

EcoStripe UMA - Water based, eco friendly marking paint fitted with narrow " whip cream can type " Utility Marking Aerosol ( UMA ) spray tips for use on construction zones, underground utilities, survey sites, golf courses.