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  • Paint dye colorant mulch pine straw black brown red pinestraw painting.
Permanent colorant dye paint, restores color of old faded mulch, pine straw.
Extremely concentrated Colorant / Dye / Paint for mulch and pine straw. Turn old weathered, bleached mulch, pine straw to a bright brand new look. Bedworks is water based, easy to apply, extremely durable, looks natural. Available in colors, works on all kinds of mulch and pine straw.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 1 or 5 gallon plastic containers.

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Formulated, tested and manufactured at our facility in Atlanta, BedWorks is a super concentrated, environmentally friendly, fast dry colorant, dye, paint to be applied on old mulch and pine straw. It is available in Red, Black and Brown color. Red and Black colors work very well as a permanent colorant on both natural and rubber based mulch. Brown color works great on pine straw. Mix this concentrate formula with upto 10 parts of water. Easily apply with most spray machines. Product can stain concrete and other hard surfaces when dry, please use drop cloths and measures to prevent unwanted over-spray.

  • Dries fast, water resistant when dry and will resist fading.
  • Available in Red, Black and Brown colors. Works on all types of mulch and pine straw.
  • Spray on site. Good way to reduce yearly landscaping budget.
  • Contain no hazardous materials, safe for the environment.
  • Concentrated Formula. Dilute and mix with 8-10 parts of water till the desired color and consistency is achieved.
  • Use with EcoBond MULCH GLUE to help the painted Pine Straw / Mulch stay securely in place / be bonded GLUED together.
  • This product is environmentally safe. safe for people, plants & pets.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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