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  • adhesive glue to glue bond stick n place yard mulch pines straw stones

EcoBOND Mulch Glue

Tough, durable glue / binder to bond mulch, pine straw, pea gravel, stones.
Eco friendly, non toxic, water base liquid concentrate to firmly bind / firmly lock in place landscape materials like mulch, pine straw, sand, pea gravel, small pebbles. Specially formulated to apply easy, dry and cure fast as a long term solution to prevent the scattering of the substrates it is applied on. Proven, cost effective way to keep landscapes in place, help prevent erosion during storms, winds, rain. Can be applied with brush, roller, various spray equipment.

$ 39 per gallon. Packaged in 1, 5 or 55 gallon plastic containers.

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Formulated, tested and manufactured at USSCs production facility in Atlanta, EcoBond MULCH GLUE is a concentrate, environmentally friendly, fast dry clear coat binder to be applied on a variety of substrates including mulch, pine straw, small stones, gravel, stones etc. to keep them secure in place and to prevent erosion. Easily apply with most spray machines. USSCs EcoBond MULCH GLUE is non flammable and non toxic, however wearing personal protection gear and use of drop cloths and measures to prevent unwanted over spray is recommended.

  • Dries fast, water resistant when dry and is UV resistant and will help resist fading of mulch color.
  • Concentrate, can be thinned with up to 4 parts of water if needed.
  • Looks milky opaque when applied but dries to clear film once dry. Let cure for 24 hours.
  • If needed EcoBond can be tinted with BEDWORKS to give a brighter color to old / faded Mulch or Pine Straw.
  • Apply with brush, roller, pump up manual sprayers, conventional airless or battery powered spray equipment.
  • Thoroughly clean, rinse equipment / tools / sprayer with water once done or it will glue up and damage the sprayer.
  • Once Binder is place and dry, it allows some permeation of water, nutrients, oxygen to plants.
  • Works on all types of mulch, pine straw, wood chips, small shells, sand, small pebbles.
  • Allow sprayed product to saturate the substrate properly. Can be applied as 2 coats.
  • Ideal for application on slopes and hill sides to help prevent wash downs.
  • Holds the substrate firmly in place for erosion control and blowing away from wind and rain.
  • Proven, strong formulation, lasts up to a year under normal conditions.
  • Contain no hazardous materials, once dry this formulation is safe. Over period of time, it will safely biodegrade.
  • This product is environmentally safe. safe for people, plants, pets.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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