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  • Anti Graffiti paint coating to prevent stop easily remove graffiti concrete brick

Anti Graffiti COATING wb

Water base ANTI GRAFFITI protective clear PAINT for brick, stone, masonry.
Durable, permanent coating that repels most paints, hence used as an anti-graffiti, sacrificial coating when applied on interior / exterior surfaces. Dries to a CLEAR FINISH that PREVENTS GRAFFITI from penetrating into the substrate, in-effect helps in the easy removal of graffiti that is applied over this clear coating. Protect concrete, brick, masonry, stone, granite, wood, metal, plastic and wood substrates. Can easily be applied on vertical and / or horizontal surfaces.
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Manufactured at our facility in Atlanta GA, this ANTI GRAFFITI COATING wb is a high performance, durable, water base, durable, 100% CLEAR ACRYLIC COATING packaged in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. Being water based it is non flammable, its has low odor, low VOC, is easy to spray and cleanup. No thinning needed, its ready to use.

  • CLEAR ACRYLIC, water based, non flammable, low odor, low VOC, Fast Dry, High Solids.
  • Specially designed ACRYLIC RESIN for exterior Durability, Good Adhesion, Flexibility, Non-chalking, Chip and Flake resistant.
  • Paint / Coat directly over concrete, wood, metal surfaces without need for elaborate surface preparation.
  • Paint over already painted surfaces as a clear, compatible clear protective GRAFFITI RESISTANT top coating.
  • Water base yet formulated to be High Performance, no need of mixing two components as with 2 component catalyzed polyurethanes.
  • This clear coating can be applied using brush, roller, pump up sprayer, conventional and airless spray equipment.
  • Coverage is 350 to 450 square feet per gallon. Application of 2 coats is recommended.
  • Special additives in this coating make the painted graffiti over it come off very easily.
  • Use of USSC's environmentally friendly yet very effective GRAFFITI REMOVER will definitely help the removal process.
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