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  • Removers to remove graffiti paint from wood masonary brick stone walls streets

Graffiti REMOVER

Safely REMOVE GRAFFITI from concrete, brick, stone, masonary.
Remove graffiti that is painted over brick, stone, masonry, wood, steel, plastic playground equipment and marble. Non corrosive, safe GRAFITTI REMOVER formula that can be applied with conventional pump up spray equipment, nylon brush or broom. Apply over the unwanted graffiti paint and let soak. No harsh scrubbing required. Scrub with nylon brush or stiff bristle broom with mild agitation. Rinse the remover - graffiti paint residue with water. Biodegradable.
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Formulated and manufactured by USSC, this water based biodegradable formula is designed to remove graffiti, paints, stains from brick walls, concrete, stones and masonry surfaces. As with any chemical please wear protective gear to prevent getting the product or the product splatter on skin or eyes. GRAFITTI REMOVER can be used without dilution for maximum strength or can be diluted with water. Simply pour or spray the REMOVER on the paint that needs to be removed. Let it soak for a few minutes to penetrate as it starts loosing up the paint. Then apply slight agitation to speed up the removal. Before the remover - paint mixture dries, rinse and flush with water. Typically the unwanted graffiti paint can be removed with one good application. For tough, hard to remove graffiti paints, a second application, scrubbing and rinsing might be necessary.

  • Recommended and safe for use on concrete, brick, wood, stone, granite and most plastics.
  • Graffiti remover can simply be poured on, brushed on or spray applied with a pump up sprayer.
  • Certain high build, hard to remove graffiti will require several application of the remover.
  • Agitation for easier removal can be done using synthetic nylon brush or stiff bristle broom.
  • Pressure washing can be used in some cases to remove the remover and the dissolved paint mixture.
  • When pressure washing, use 1500 psi with a 15 degree fan jet is recommenced 5 to 6 inches from the surface.
  • Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet TDS and Safety Data Sheet SDS for more information.
  • To treat the surfaces from future graffiti, consider the application of our GRAFFITI repellant paint.
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