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ROOFWASH cleaner

Concentrated, safe, roof cleaner, roof surface preparation liquid.
Roofwash is a specifically formulated, concentrated liquid to clean roof surfaces prior to the application of roof protective coatings. Use to properly prepare metal, asphalt, spray polyurethane foam, old weathered chalky coatings paints,TPO, PVC. Concentrated product needs to be properly diluted before application.

Available in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers.

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Formulated and manufactured at our location in Alpharetta GA, USA, this product is a water based, non flammable, eco friendly roof cleaner. Use this product as a Roof surface preparation before application of protective roof coatings. It does not contain hydrocarbon solvents or acids. Roofwash has to be diluted with 15 parts of water before it can be used. Use several spray equipment to apply the products. In diluted form it is not harmful to the substrate or vegetation.

  • Eco friendly formulation. Does not contain solvents, acids or harmful chemicals.
  • Water based, non flammable easy to use concentrated cleaner.
  • Can be diluted with upto 15 parts of water.
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