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  • asphalt seal coating sealer very fast dry low temperature cure no tracking.

FASTseal fast dry asphalt sealcoating.

Durable, solvent base asphalt sealer, rapid dry, for fast opening of roads.
Extremely durable, high performance, ready to use, premium quality Asphalt seal coating. This is NOT A LOW QUALITY, slow drying, asphalt sealer sold at big box stores. FASTseal is a custom formulated, fast dry, solvent base black acrylic coating, fortified with rubber polymers specifically designed to dry extremely fast so that the painted roads / streets are open to traffic immediately. FASTseal contains special aggregates to give a tough, non skid, water proof surface.
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Formulated and manufactured at USSC main manufacturing location in Alpharetta GA, FASTseal is a well formulated, thoroughly tested premium quality asphalt coating, blacktop seal coating ready to use RTU. No thinning or addition of sand or aggregate is needed. Just mix the product thoroughly and apply. It is fortified with special acrylics, rubber polymers and aggregates to yield a strong durable, anti skid, flexible water proof asphalt coating / sealer. It can be applied over 1 inch thick wide cracks. This coating will cure over-time and will not crack and will stay flexible. Severely damaged and cracked asphalt can be repaired and protected. Dries extremely fast, will not track and is resistant to rain in 2 hours. Depending on job requirements and budget, we offer several types and grades of Asphalt Sealers and repair products..

  • High performance crack filler and asphalt sealer in one product to protect damaged asphalt.
  • Formulated and tested to repair severely damaged, neglected, cracked asphalt. No tire tracking, open to traffic immediately.
  • Saves the time and expense to completely remove and reinstall asphalt surfaces.
  • Will rejuvenate, waterproof, stop oxidation, bleaching, abrasion, oil penetration, protect asphalt for years of service.
  • Expensive. But its long term performance and durability far outweigh the product cost.
  • Ready to use. Will not excessively settle in shipping or storage.
  • No need to add sand or aggregate. Ready to use. Will dry and get tack free FAST, ready to open for traffic in max 2 hours.
  • Fortified with high percentage of Acrylic and Rubber polymers for extra durability and flexibility.
  • Dries fast at 77 deg. F, will not wash away or track, even if it rains 2 hrs after application.
  • Can be sprayed or applied with roller or with a squeeze at temperature range of 40 - 90 deg F.
  • We offer several grades of asphalt sealers depending on the job requirements and budget.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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