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  • Soccer corner kick arc plastic stencil
  • Soccer Corner Arc Stencil


Easily and consistently paint soccer corner kick soccer arcs every-time.
Professional Soccer Field Striping crews and volunteer striping crews can make use of this well designed stencil to consistently and accurately paint soccer corner kick arcs. Made of 1/8 inch solid plastic it is easy to use, light weight for easy maneuverability, easy to store yet durable enough for years of service.

Sold as a set. Packaged in a compact box, ships via Fedex.

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Designed and manufactured by USSC soccer corner arc stencil is cut out on a durable 1/8 thick solid plastic. This stencil will help the soccer field maintenance crew, easily and consistent paint accurate and crisp soccer field corner kick arcs. The stencil is conveniently shipped folded in a cardboard box. Once the packaged is received, just open the box and unfold the stencil. Lay on the corner of soccer field to paint the corner arc and from there it becomes easy and self explanatory. Use USSC's extremely BRIGHT & DURABLE paints to mark your soccer fields.

  • Stencils are made of Durable, yet Light weight and Foldable 1/8 mil UV stable solid plastic.
  • Light weight easy to maneuver, yet heavy enough to prevent paint run off.
  • Easily and conveniently paint Soccer Corner arcs of all sizes.
  • Includes a penalty kick stencil.
  • Being the manufacturer we can make the stencil the same day if needed.
  • Next day expedited delivery if needed.
  • Use with USSC paints for Best Performance.
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