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  • Football Field Number Yard Yardage Plastic Numbers Stencils.
  • Football Field Yard Numbers being painted.
    Number Stencil Kit includes - G,0,1,2,3,4,5, arrow.
  • Football Number Stencil Kit painted with aerosol field marking paint
    Yardage Painted with USSC number stencils, aerosol paint.
  • Football Number yard stencil 3 foot or 6 foot tall.
    Two sizes of Number Stencils - 3 foot tall or 6 foot tall.
  • Football field sideline yardage numbers plastic stencil.
    Football Sideline Number Stencil Kit - G,0,1,2,3,4,5, arrow.
  • Painting yardage numbers marking painting football field.
    USSC footbball yard number, USSC field marking paint.
  • Football Field Number Stencil painted aerosol paint spray wand.
    Football Field Number Painted with wand, aerosol paint.
  • Paint for football field yardage numbers.
    Aerosol Football Field Paint, Yardage Stencil, Spray Wand.
  • Football field number stencil kit.
    Items in USSC Football Field Number stencil kit.

Football Yardage NUMBER STENCIL

Stencil kit to help paint yardage numbers on football fields.
Made of sturdy durable 1/16 inch or 1/8 inch solid plastic, this kit includes 0,1,2,3,4,5 numbers, G and a directional arrow stencil. Number Stencils are available in two heights 3 feet and 6 feet tall and two thicknesses of 1/16 and 1/8 inch.

Priced by entire number stencil kit. Ships via FEDEX is a box.

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Manufactured at its facility in Atlanta, this Football Field Yardage Number Stencil kit is a great tool to paint yard number on football fields. Available in two thicknesses ( 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch ) of solid plastic. Depending on the height of the numbers, it is available in 3 foot tall or 6 foot tall sizes. These kits ship compactly packaged in a heavy duty card-board box. Just unwrap the stencils and position them in the right positions of the football field and paint through the cut-outs to get professional, consistent looking yard numbers. Do not leave these plastic stencils for too long on natural grass on a warm summer day or it will damage or discolor the grass. Scrape off dried over spray paint from the hard to stick plastic surface before storage.

  • Easy to use and move around football fields when used for painting numbers.
  • Very Durable, made out of 1/16 or 1/8 solid plastic.
  • Tough yet fold able for easy storage.
  • Easily scrape of dried paint form the plastic before storage.
  • For BEST performance use with USSC paints.
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