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  • Football Field Hashmark Stencil solid plastic hash mark painting grass
  • Hashmark plastic football Stencil
    1/16 or 1/8 inch thick football field plastic hashmarks stencil.
  • Football Field Hash marks paint with plastic stencil.
    Football Field painted with USSC paint and hash stencils.

Football Plastic HASH MARK Stencil

Stencil made of durable solid Plastic to paint Hash Marks on football fields.
Designed for rugged permanent use on football fields. The hash mark stencils are machine cut on either 1/8 inch ( 125 mil ) or 1/16 inch ( 62.5 mil ) polyethylene flexible plastic. There are FOUR 4 x 24 inch hashes and TWO 4 x 24 inch hashes in the cross direction.

Priced by the individual stencil. Ships via FEDEX in a box.

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This hash mark stencil ships packaged compactly in a cardboard box. Just unpack and it is ready to use. The hash marks are cut at correct distances, just spray paint using aerosol or bulk spray machines through the cut-outs and you will have consistent, professional looking hashes on your football field. Notches are cut at the edges of the stencil to help it drag from one spot to the other during striping of the hash marks. Made of solid UV resistant plastic that will last for years without any deterioration. If paint builds up on the stencil during painting just scrape of the dried or excess paint. Fold and Store in box for years of service.

  • Available in 1/8 inch ( 125 mil ) thick solid plastic or 1/16 inch ( 62.5 mil ) solid plastic.
  • Convenient easy to use yet durable for years of service.
  • Economically priced, direct from manufacturer.
  • Next day expedited delivery if needed.
  • For Best Performance use STENCIL with USSC Field Marking Paints.
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