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  • Green grass dye turf aerosol can paint to color dead brown grass pet pee spots.
  • aerosol green grass turf touch up cover up paint natural grass synthetic turf brown spots.
    DS GREEN aerosol touch-up paint for natural grass - turf.
  • Aerosol green yard grass lawn pee spots brown spots cover up paint.
    ES PATCH-UP GREEN aerosol home lawn yard grass cover-up paint.
  • Cover up green for natural grass synthetic turf yard lawn golf greens.
    ES COVER-UP GREEN for natural grass-natural turf.
  • Augusta green grass turf lawn golf course green damage grass cover up paint.
    ES AUGUSTA GREEN grass, turf touch-up cover-up paint.
  • Green paint for natural grass synthetic field turf.
    DS TURF GREEN paint for natural grass or synthetic field turf.
  • Florescent green grass turf aerosol paint.
    DS FLORESCENT GREEN grass-turf bright aerosol paint.
  • Shades green grass turf dye colorant touch up cover up paint yard lawns golf course green fairways.
    USSC offers several shades of green as cover-up touch-up turf grass brown spots pee spots lawn-yard cover-up paint


Aerosol paint, colorant, dye to color brown dormant grass to lush green.
Packaged in easy to use aerosol cans, a safe paint to restore damaged, dead, brown grass to green. Turn brown, dormant, unhealthy grass to a lush looking healthy green color. Easy to use, no set up, no clean up. Durable, waterproof, safe, looks natural. Easily cover up pet pee spots, dead bald spots on home lawns yards grass. Repair fertilizer mistakes, spilled hydraulic fluid spots, sprinkler head repair spots on golf courses, football soccer baseball athletic grass fields.

Priced by the case. Twelve, 20 ounce by volume cans per case.

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Formulated, tested and manufactured at our facility in Atlanta GA, this aerosol product is an environmentally friendly, fast dry aerosol paint, dye, colorant, to be spray applied over dead, dormant, brown grass to conveniently, safely and immediately make it look lush healthy green. Available in different shades of green to match different varieties of natural grass and turf. Use on home yards, home grass lawns, athletic fields, golf courses and for outdoor special events.

  • Packaged in convenient aerosol cans to eliminate wastage and for ease of application.
  • Dries fast, water resistant when dry and will not fade.
  • Once dry, safe for humans, pets and the environment.
  • Available in variety shades of GREEN for a close match to types of grass varieties.
  • Use on home lawns, grass yards to cover up pet pee brown spots, dead turf spots.
  • Cover up brown / dead grass spots on golf course fairways, putting greens.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • For more information, a recommendation or to ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.