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  • Concentrated Green pigment apply on golf course fairway putting green natural grass turf fresh lower price than endurant
  • green grass pigment sprayed on football field.
    Turf Works Green pigment sprayed on football field grass.
  • green grass turf dye pigment spray applied on football field at ounces per acre.
    Concentrated - spray coverage rate of 18 ounce per acre.
  • green pigment dye for grass football field painted green turf paint.
    University football field painted with USSC grass pigment.

TURFWORKS Grass Pigment

Concentrated Green pigment for use on natural grass to color it green.
Extremely concentrated Organic Green Pigment to beautify natural turf grass. Turn brown, dormant, unhealthy grass to a lush healthy green color. This green pigments is a concentrate and will cover a vast area with a small quantity. It is easy to use, safe, and looks natural and will not turn blue. Available in several shades of green. Use on golf course Tee boxes, fairways and putting greens. Use only 10 to 19 ounces diluted with 50 gallons of water to cover 1 acre of grass.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 1 or 5 or 55 or 250 gallon containers.

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Formulated, tested and manufactured at our facility in Atlanta. TURFWORKS Grass Pigment is super concentrated, environmentally friendly, organic pigment designed to be applied on brown, dormant natural grass to instantly turn it looking a healthy lush natural green color. Low amounts of 10 to 19 ounces of this concentrate will cover 1 acre. Individual coverage area will depend on the dilution ratio, intensity of the green color required, the height of the grass to be painted, the speed and type of the application equipment used. It will not wash or flake of the grass but come off as grass becomes healthy and grows and is mowed off along with the grass blades.

  • Super Concentrate use very little to cover large areas.
  • Use only 10 to 19 ounces per acre depending upon the purpose of the application and substrate.
  • Dissolve 10 -19 ounces in 50 gallons of water. Spray application will cover an acre of grass.
  • Works differently than Green Turf dye Grass paint.
  • Enhance the natural turf, natural grass color, appearance and quality.
  • Will not fade or turn blue after application.
  • Grass Pigment works successfully and is safe on all types of natural grass and natural turf.
  • Available in several shades Original, SouthWestern, SugarHill, CaliGreen, NorthEastern, ACC green.
  • Far less expensive than over seeding.
  • For use on Golf courses, Home yards, Commercial lawns.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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