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  • water soluble packet blue Black pond dye colorant to control algae growth fish safe golf course pond lake.
  • dye water soluble packets bags lakes ponds black blue color.
    Water solube dye bags to change lake, pond water color.
  • water soluble dye bag black blue golf course pond lake
    Fish safe, pond lake dye packets in Black and Blue shades.

PONDWORKS - packets

Blue or black dye to color lake pond water, packaged in soluble plastic bags.
Packaged in easy to use water soluble packets. Packets contain concentrated, easily disperseable, water based, food grade liquid dye that prevents the sunlight to penetrate the deep levels of ponds and lakes, in-effect controlling the growth of unwanted algae and unwanted weed growth. Two packets treats upto 1 acre pond, 4-5' deep. Available in blue and black shades, packaged as .33 pound liquid ( 5.3 ounce ) in water soluble plastic packets.

$ 9.95 priced by individual .33 pound or 5.3 ounce water soluble packets.

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Instantly beautify your pond, lake or fountain with PondWorks pond dye. Naturally and effectively control underwater growth of unwanted algae, unwanted plant growth without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Easy to use, start by calculating the volume necessary for your application. Two ( .33 pound or 5.3 ounce packet ) of this super concentrated dye formula will treat 1 acre - 4-5" deep. Just throw the packets in the water from the shore in several locations around the pond and the bags will dissolve on their own and the dye will be dispersed in the water. Can take up to 24 hrs for complete dispersion. This product is a food grade dye that is 100% safe for people, pets, pond life and fish. Recommended for use in residential subdivision and commercial ponds, golf course lakes and ponds.

  • Available in Black or Deep Blue color. Custom shades can be formulated.
  • Packaged in water soluble plastic packets. Simply toss the packets in the water and the dye will disperse on its own.
  • Packaged in .33 pound or 5.3 ounces by weight packages.
  • Low cost, safe, easy way of controlling the growth of unwanted algae and unwanted plants.
  • This product is not an algaecide, herbicide or a pesticide, this dye does not kill any plant or animal life.
  • Works by simply blocking the sunlight to the deeper parts of the pond to stop the growth of algae.
  • Enhance, beautify the look of your pond, lake. Creates a pleasing, luxurious, look to the water.
  • Turn dirty brown or gray water looking soothing blue in just hours. Black dye produces a reflective, deeper look.
  • Concentrated formula, 1 packet will treat 1 acre pond that is 4 -5 feet deep.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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