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  • epoxy water base coating paint primer two component floor wood concrete metal enamel
  • aggregates sand black beauty added to epoxy water base coating to make it non slip
    Several different size and type of aggregates for non slip.
  • black colors water base two component water base tough durable epoxy coating for concrete wood metal
    Available in several colors, epoxy paint for concrete.

EPCOAT 2kWB water based Epoxy.

Two component water base epoxy coating, tough, durable, eco freindly
High performance, extremely durable, easy to use, cross linked, two component catalyzed epoxy enamel. Convenient Part A and Part B mixing ratios. Easy to mix, easy to apply via brush, roll or spray. Specially formulated to wet out and bond tenaciously to concrete, metal and wood substrates. Dries and cures to form a tough, smooth gloss coating. Available in several colors and clear. Special type and size of aggregates can be broadcasted to form a non skid surface.
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Manufactured at our facility in Atlanta GA,EPCOAT 2kWB is an extremely durable, high performance water based epoxy enamel paint that is packaged in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. No thinning is required, its ready to use. Product contains high solids and high resin content to yield a very tough, durable, weather resistant, chalk resistant, chip resistant, rust resistant coating when dry. It is primarily recommended for interior use only. EPCOAT 2kWB has exceptional adhesion to concrete, metal and wood surfaces. Being water based it is NON FLAMMABLE.

  • High Solids, Good coverage, Good hiding power. Excellent resistance to abrasion, marking and staining.
  • Two component, cross linking, yet easy to mix and apply. Mixing ratio of 4 parts A to 1 part B.
  • Long pot life ( working time after the two components are mixed ). Ready for traffic in 12 hours.
  • Based on epoxy technology for superb exterior Durability, Good Adhesion, Flexibility, Non chalking, Chip and Flake resistant.
  • Highly recommended for use as a tough, durable, scratch resistant, concrete coating for high traffic areas.
  • Good recommendation when an heavy duty, high performance, water base, low odor coatings is needed to form a slip resistant, high traction floor.
  • Paint metal surfaces for beautification, non skid, rust protection, color coding, stenciling, etc.
  • One gallon of mixed epoxy cover 250 square feet. Two coats will be needed in certain applications.
  • Ready for traffic in 12 hours. This coating when cured is resistant to oil, solvents and harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Available in several colors and a clear formulation. Special drop on aggregates available to impart a slip resistant, non skid surface.
  • Excellent end use performance when applied in warehouses, factories, aircraft hangers, cafeterias, service stations, parking decks.
  • Available in 1 gallon or 5 gallon premeasured Part A and Part B mixing ratio kits.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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