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  • heat reflective insulating coating paint stain for buildings concrete precast masonry
  • Lithium silicate based concrete coating sealer that is heat IF reflective
    Lithium silicate based coating that is IR and heat reflective.
  • Spray application of heat IR reflective silicate lithium concrete coating
    BEFORE the application of CoSi heat, IR reflective coating.
  • heat reflective concrete coating on building for reductuon of cooling energy costs.
    AFTER application of IR heat reflective brick red coating.
  • Application of brick red heat IR reflecting concrete coating on apartment building.
    BEFORE application of brick red lithium concrete coating.
  • spray application of heat IR reflecting brick red concrete coating on apartment building.
    Application of Heat and IR reflecting lithium concrete coating.
  • heat reflective concrete protective coating for buildings to reduce cooling costs.
    AFTER application of protective and heat reflective coating.
  • Several colors of concrete coating and formliners available.
    Brick, wood Formliners. Red, brown, tan color CoSi coatings.
  • Lithium concrete coating is available in several standard and custom color matching.
    Closeup of CoSi lithium silicate concrete masonry coating.
  • custom formliner patterns and custom color matching of concrete coatings
    If needed we custom make formliners, custom match colors.
  • heat IR reflective lithium coatings reduce cooling energy costs of buildings apartments warehouses.
    Heat, IR reflective properties signifiantly reduce cooling costs.
  • Several colors available of lithium silicate concrete apartment complex condominium building.
    CoSi heat IR reflective coating available in several colors.
  • Silicate lithium building coating paint available in standard colors or we will match colors.
    Available in 10 standard colors or we will match colors.
  • beautify reduce heating and cooling energy costs using concrete coating.
    Beautify and reduce energy costs with CoSi concrete coatings.
  • Home concrete stone masonry facade painted with lithium concrete coating.
    Home masonry facade painted with CoSi lithium silicate coating.


Heat barrier, IR reflective, insulating, concrete masonry coating, paint.
Inorganic concrete coating, forms an incredibly strong permanent chemical bond with concrete substrates using silicate reaction chemistry. Designed to reflect IR radiation and heat to reduce surface temperatures in-effect reducing building cooling costs. Application is similar to conventional coatings but CoSi coatings chemically react with concrete / masonry to form a very durable, insulating, extremely tough, heat reflective, permanent concrete coating.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 or 55 gallon containers.

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Rejuvenate, beautify and protect a variety of concrete substrates with USSC's extremely durable, tough, inorganic coating based on a unique silicate chemistry. Co-Si metal coatings are designed to give concrete and masonary substrates a metallic look. Co-Si chemically bond with the lime in concrete to form calcium silicate hydrate structure. This bonding reaction also occurs during curing of concrete and that gives concrete its mechanical and structural strength. Designed to have the same reaction between Co-Si inorganic coating and concrete substrate, resulting in an incredibly tough, extremely hard, permanent, durable metallic look concrete coating.

  • Specially formulated to reflect IR and heat from concrete, masonry, surfaces.
  • Reduces concrete surface temperature by 20%, this reducing building cooling costs.
  • Water based, non flammable, Eco friendly, high solids, Low VOC's,
  • Extremely Durable, incredibly Tough with good abrasion, scratch and water resistance.
  • This is NOT AN acid etching stain, that can degrade the concrete, masonry substrate.
  • CoSi forms a strong calcium silicate permanent chemical bond with concrete.
  • DO NOT USE on painted or sealed surfaces. Works on bare concrete surfaces only.
  • Unique formulation that becomes integral part of concrete. Guaranteed for 25 years.
  • CoSi is designed to cover small cracks and imperfections on concrete masonry surfaces.
  • DO NOT apply on painted surfaces. Designed to react with concrete surface.
  • Cured coating is breathable, allows vapors to escape preventing peeling.
  • Easy to use. Similar to conventional water based stains, paints and coatings.
  • Available in 10 standard colors, Custom color matching if needed,
  • Dries, Cures fast. 1-3 hrs, no prolonged down times.
  • Can be applied on most clean, sound concrete masonry substrates, including pre-cast.
  • Available in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums.
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Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

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