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  • Concrete repair protective coating concrete driveway paint curb
  • fast dry easy to use water based no odor concrete coating.
    Fast dry, easy to use, water based, no odor, concrete coating.
  • Concrete protective coating paint in several standard colors.
    DeFender concrete protective is available in several colors.
  • Tough durable water based easy to apply water based concrete coating.
    Tough, Durable, Easy to apply, Anti-skid, concrete coating.
  • Stadium concrete steps before application of concrete coating.
    BEFORE - Application of USSC coating on stadium steps.
  • Concrete protective coating paint.
    AFTER application of USSC DeFender concrete coating.
  • Concrete Repair coating paint color overlay non skid.
    Ready to use from container, with non skid aggregate added.
  • water based easy to apply dries fast excellent bond concrete asphalt.
    Easy to apply, Cures fast with excellent adhesion to concrete.
  • Concrete coating coverlay paint stain asphalt repair colors.
    Concrete repair coating DeFender is availabe in several colors.
  • concrete coating paint stairs non skid.
    Safe, easy to apply, dries fast, excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Residential driveway patched with latex coating before painting.
    Driveway patched with Stampcrete before painting.
  • Residential concrete driveway repaired painted with stampcrete water based coating.
    Residential concrete driveway painted with Defender.
  • Non skid concrete coating paint.
    Bare concrete BEFORE application of non skid coating.
  • Concrete coating fast dry non skid water based walkway.
    AFTER application of French Roast Defender concrete coating.
  • Rejuvenate repair color stamped concrete asphalt.
    Rejuvenate faded stamped concrete.
  • concrete coating for hotel motel carport entrance.
    DeFender applied on concrete carport driveway.
  • painting of concrete hotel motel breeze way.
    Fast, easy, cost effective painting of concrete breeze way.
  • Gray concrete coating paint to renew beautify repair waterproof old sidewalk concrete
    Attitude Gray Defender concrete coating to repair, renew concrete side walk.
  • Concrete Golf cart path repair water based fast dry coating paint stain.
    Easily beautify concrete substrates with a range of colors.
  • water based concrete that is durable, non skid, easy to use.
    Water based, easy to apply, durable yellow safety coating.
  • Yellow concrete curb paint black asphalt crack filler sealer.
    Easy to use Yellow Curb Paint, Black Asphalt crackfiller sealer.
  • Fast dry safe water based tough durable concrete coating non skid.
    Water base, safe, tough, fast dry, durable concrete coating.
  • Apply roller brush airless spray equipment water based concrete asphalt repair.
    Easy application with roller, brush or airless spray equipment.
  • Tough durable fast dry concrete coating paint.
    Extremely durable coating. Ready for foot traffic in 1 hr.
  • Apartment walkways patios painted with gray anti slip coatings.
    Apartment walkways, patios painted with concrete Defender coating Gray.
  • Concrete Coating paint overlay mocha color with anti slip aggregate.
    Mocha color being applied over 4 year old Stampcrete.
  • mocha-french roast red brown color concrete paint overlay coating on concrete walkway.
    Protect, renew, repair concrete with Mocha, French Roast color.
  • Concrete protection antislip coating overlay walkway mocha color.
    Concrete protection coating in Mocha, French Roast color.
  • Protective durable non skid coating for concrete stairs.
    Excellent weather resistance, good adhesion to concrete.
  • Concrete stair paint coating easy to apply non skid durable.
    Stairwell paint_coating, easy to apply, non skid, durable.
  • Hotel walk way breezeway patio deck paint coating concrete coating paint overlay.
    Hotel walkway painted with tough, durable STAMPCRETE.


Water base, eco friendly, anti skid, durable coating / paint for concrete.
Based on a very tough water based acrylic latex a fast dry, good abrasion resistance, strong adhesion, tough, anti skid, water proof coating for various types of concrete surfaces. A proven track record as one of the most durable one component, water based, easy to apply coating to repair, protect and beautify concrete. Cost effective, eco friendly paint to repair, protect, paint driveways, curbs, walkways, patios, balconies, basements, residential decks, stamped concrete.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 gallons plastic buckets.

  • High volume / established Customers please call us for special pricing.
  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT at the BEST PRICE.
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Rejuvenate, beautify and protect a variety of substrates with USSCs extremely durable, fast dry, one component, rapid cure, safe, water based DeFender wb concrete coating. This unique, proprietary formula is engineered and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA. DeFender wb concrete coating has proven to be a work horse product with numerous successful projects and satisfied customers over the past 10 years.

  • Water based, non flammable, Eco friendly, high solids, Low VOC's.
  • Durable, tough with extremely good abrasion and water resistance.
  • Available without aggregate for spray application.
  • Available with aggregate for non skid application.
  • Available is 10 standard colors, Custom color matching if needed.
  • Also available as a clear formulation without aggregate to penetrate the concrete substrates and impart durability.
  • Also available as clear version with aggregate to impart a natural look on repaired concrete and make it look like new.
  • Dries very fast, 30 minutes, no prolonged down times. No tracking after application.
  • One component, very low VOCs, can easily be applied to cleaned, properly prepared sound concrete substrates.
  • Available in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • For more information, a recommendation or to place an ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Available Colors

S/C Iron Ore
S/C Off White
S/C Gray SW 7047
S/C Battleship Gray
S/C Cool Gray
S/C SW 7053
S/C Gray SW 7046
S/C Navy Blue
S/C Green
S/C Olive Green
S/C Gray
S/C Apollo Brown
S/C Mocha
S/C Beige
S/C Colonial Red
S/C Urban Bronze
S/C Red
S/C French Roast
S/C Gray SW 7033

Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

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